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19th June 2013
Over 1400 male and female respondents of all heights and sizes participated in the study (between February and March 2013) giving an insight into attitudes relating to height, diet, relationships and lifestyle. All respondents were aged 18 and over and based in the UK. Survey Highlights Include: - 62. 9% of women think tall men are sexier - 45. 1% of men would date a woman taller than them, with 48. 9% of men seeking a woman between 5' 7" and 5' 10" (despite the average height of a woman being 5'4") - Women agree that height is the most important physical attribute of a man followed by grooming and fashion sense - 71. 1% of women want their men between 6' 0" and 6' 6" - 32. 8% of women believe tall men are happier than short men - 62. ...

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