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31st July 2017
VIBE - SEASON TWO For weekends, festivals and for those who want to stand out! BE Colourful Experiment with BE COLOURFUL - APPLIQUE, this summer's hottest hair trend! APPLIQUE is a new colour technique whereby separate pieces of colour are added to your primary base to effectively decorate the hair. Colour can be obvious or hidden, making it perfect for weekends or festivals. Presenting. ...

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For more information please contact Eva Frankel or Rachel Jackson or Nathalie Mackinovski or Olivia Sealy or Charlotte Bishop at Brandnation:

Eva Frankel 0207 940 7179
Rachel Jackson 0207 940 7170
Nathalie Mackinovski 0207 940 7177
Olivia Sealy 0207 940 7188
Charlotte Bishop 0207 940 7173