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NEW BEAUTY HERO ALERT! Hand Rehab® Launches To Rescue Our Neglected Mitts

7th June 2017
THE HERO PROJECT® – an exciting new British beauty concept that mobilizes people power and great science, on a mission to rid your bulging drawers of beauty clutter and replace it with the best beauty products you truly love, has its eyes on your paws with its latest offering. Hand Rehab® Diamond Dusted Hand & Nail Therapy with SPF 20 (75ml, £15) helps you wave goodbye to forsaken, sorry-for- themselves hands, with a dazzling sprinkle of diamond dust. This precious ingredient, which has made its welcome way from the jeweller’s window, is incorporated into a rich cream formula that strengthens your all important hands and nails. Extravagant? Maybe. But if you need real protection, you can’t beat a touch of the hardest substance known to man. And talking of protection, Hand Rehab® also features broad spectrum SPF 20 to keep the sun at bay and protect your precious paws from tell-tale sun damage. ...

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For more information please contact Eva Frankel or Rachel Jackson or Nathalie Mackinovski or Olivia Sealy or Charlotte Bishop at Brandnation:

Eva Frankel 0207 940 7179
Rachel Jackson 0207 940 7170
Nathalie Mackinovski 0207 940 7177
Olivia Sealy 0207 940 7188
Charlotte Bishop 0207 940 7173