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New TheraPearl Compress Puts Pain On Ice

20th March 2014
Give pain the cold shoulder! New TheraPearl cold packs are an innovative, effective, hi-tech, easy to use and non-messy pain relief option that banishes forever the days of grabbing a bag of frozen peas to soothe aches or pains. TheraPearl utilises a proprietary innovation known as Pearl TechnologyTM, which comprises non-toxic, tiny ‘pearls’ that are incorporated within a range of specially designed knee wraps, shin wraps, neck wraps, contour packs, back wraps and eye masks. These beautiful and dazzling, yet functional pearls are soft and pliable and remain so even when frozen. This allows the products to easily conform to any part of your body, applying cold exactly and evenly where it is required – with no melting ice or water. TheraPearl products stay cold for a doctor-recommended 20 minutes to soothe and relieve a wide range of aches and pains, spasms, sunburn, swelling, sprains, bruising, as well as conditions such as arthritis. ...

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