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31st July 2017
o celebrate World Breastfeeding Week, 1st – 7th August, Wiley’s Finest has partnered with national charity Baby Lifeline. During the months of August and September, Wiley’s Finest will be donating 5% sales of Beginners DHA and Prenatal DHA to Baby Lifeline which supports the care of pregnant women and their unborn and newborn babies, ensuring the best possible outcome from pregnancy and birth. Baby Lifeline will also be auctioning a ne oil painting by nationally recognised artist Anna Rose Bain, donated to the charity by Wiley’s Finest. The painting portrays the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood. The partnership will run alongside the ‘Nourish Every Moment’ prenatal campaign across UK retailers promoting Wiley’s Finest Prenatal DHA and Wiley’s Finest Beginner’s DHA. Omega-3 fatty acid DHA is an essential nutrient for mum and baby during and after pregnancy. The normal development of an infant’s brain, eyes, nervous system and immune system is dependent upon the regular intake of DHA. ...

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