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Daniel Swarovski Crystal Eyewear is entirely dedicated to crystals. This exclusivity, specialisation and focus on crystals can be seen and felt whenever you adorn a frame. This highly fashionable and desirable range of eyewear incorporates the latest and most cutting edge aesthetics with stylish practicality and the allure of beautifully cut crystals.

Brand contacts

For more information please contact:

Jessie Wales 0207 940 7185 jessie@brandnation.co.uk
Harriet Geoghegan 0207 940 7186 harriet.geoghegan@brandnation.co.uk
Charley Paton 0207 940 7176 charley@brandnation.co.uk
Natalie James 0207 940 6253 natalie.james@brandnation.co.uk

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