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DORINA’s latest collection, BLOOMSBURY is a romantic and sophisticated range. An autumnal palette of claret, midnight blue and dark beige adorns a variety of loungewear and lingerie, including curve and function lines. Dark florals take centre stage for loungewear, creating drama and intrigue with folk-inspired prints and lace motifs. Other prints include on-trend stripes and geometric patterns. Highlights of the range includes CLARE, a striking two-tone lace option with sling embellishments and ASHLEY, a sport-style elastic with a slim stripe. The BLOOMSBURY range exemplifies creativity, drama and allure, ideal for the opulent and eclectic individuals it was designed in mind for.


Since its launch in 1968 by Triumph, DORINA has become synonymous with high quality, affordable underwear. With its unique, in-depth knowledge, the brand has had 48 years to finesse the fit, adapting to lifestyle and needs as they change. Loyal customers know that DORINA is the perfect solution for all occasions. With an impressive heritage and a new vision for the future under Hop Lun, DORINA is the classic lingerie go-to, with a focus on the needs of today’s women.

About Hop Lun Limited

Founded in 1992, Hop Lun Limited is a leading fashion service company.  Focusing on lingerie and swimwear design, development and manufacturing, Hop Lun Limited currently has 11 wholly-owned factories in three countries, with a skilled workforce of over 18,000 people and a capacity of 13 million pieces per month.

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