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6th March 2014
Fashion with hidden technology Using a range of luxurious, cutting-edge fabrics with patented technology that look after busy women constantly on the go, HotSquash offers clothes to stop you getting too hot (think sports technology but not as you know it!) and an Autumn / Winter collection (think thermal but not as you know it!). They are breathable, wicking and anti-odour (just for that extra bit of confidence when rushing around!). The fabrics are very quick drying so no need to tumble dry and require less ironing. How It Works HotSquash use some of the most advanced fabrics in the world. The Autumn / Winter collection uses ThinHeatTM fabrics for enhanced warmth, whereas the Spring / Summer collection uses CoolFreshTM fabrics to ensure you stay cool. The woven trousers are also rain resistant and stain proof. We love wearing layers but we don't like loads of bulky layers where you can't put your coat. ...

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