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HotSquash Launch Release

6th March 2014
Delivering a unique line of beautiful garments that combine fashion with thermal technology, HotSquash offers temperature control innovation to last. The HotSquash ranges will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. These ‘ThinHeat’ and ‘CoolFresh’ collections work to control body temperature through a combination of easy-evaporation fibres and strategically placed hollow-strands. The breathable materials maintain their required warming or cooling affects with additional quick-drying qualities to ensure odour-free wear, allowing you to go about your daily life in complete comfort. Whether it’s the warmer months or cooler days, the HotSquash ranges will ensure you are kept warm in the chill, and chilled in the warmth! HotSquash will be launching a new lightweight spring collection of its bestselling Wooluxe collection. Made from silk and wool mix these pieces will be in beautiful spring shades such as mint and lime greens, linen, as well as pinks and purples. ...

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