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Lulu Guinness, famous for exquisite and witty handbags and accessories, launched her comapany in 1989 and instantly became a "must" in every fashion aficionado’s international address book. Wild praise in the fashion media paved the way for Lulu Guinness shops in London, New York and Japan.

Lulu’s collectable bags have been described as ';tomorrow’s treasures’ and have been collected by many museums. They have also been subjects of two exhibitions in Sotheby’s London and New York. The Florist Basket and the Violet Hanging Basket have been included in the permanent fashion collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

Lulu’s accessories are seen on the arms of an ever expanding list of celebrities, amongst them are Dita von Teese, Helena Bonham Carter, Jemima Khan, Sophie Dahl, Rachel Weisz, Keira Knightley, Claudia Schiffer and Debra Messing.

Lulu Guinness Eyewear launched in 2004 to great aclaim. "The entire attitude towards eyewear has evolved enormously in the past decades," Lulu says. "Wearing glasses is no longer viewed as a negative. The wardrobing of glasses and sunglasses has become an expression of one’s individuality. We can have different glasses for different moods and occasions."

Lulu Guinness Eyewear offers both metal and acetate styles in a collection that feature 44 Optical Styles and 30 Sun models, with each style offered in a range of 3-5 colourways.

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