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12th November 2012
The collection combines stripes with unique all over prints and graphics. This season Soviet is all about the details and have used trims and finishes such as mixed fabrics & contrast stitching. The range steers away from the doom & gloom of winter & sails into the summer months with a strong, bright colour palette. Aurora Yellow & High Risk Red are combined with vivid dip dyes & gradient rainbow prints. The maritime inspiration is really displayed in the signature ‘Hello There Sailor’ retro print sweat & the waterproof fisherman jacket is a key style for the season and will no doubt be a must-have for next year’s festivals! Soviet prides itself on its denim collection and its logo, The Five Point Star, represents the five styling details that go into every pair of jeans. This embodies the history of the Russian built jeans & give each pair a handcrafted quality. ...

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