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The Bridge SS14 Range

6th March 2014
The Bridge, a luxury leather goods designer brand, has values that engage style, multi- functionality and durability, ever-placed since it’s birth in the 1970s. The easily recognisable collection, offers a traditional take on modern trends to deliver versatile product fit for all occasions. The strong Ital- ian heritage is evident throughout, with Tuscan inspiration cleverly combined with a fundamentally “English” look, to create an Anglo-Tuscan style, which takes the most elegant-allure from these two different cultures. All hand-crafted produce from The Bridge is expertly created by a skillful team of artisans who place great care in their craft and ensuring each piece is unique. The different artisans add their own personal touch to each and every design, with only the best, veg- etable-tanned hides treated and used. The result is soft, pliable leather with a bright and shiny feel, which over time acquires a unique and unmistakable ap- pearance, typical of all of The Bridge’s products. ...

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For more information please contact Jessie Wales or Harriet Geoghegan or Charley Paton or Natalie James at Brandnation:

Jessie Wales 0207 940 7185
Harriet Geoghegan 0207 940 7186
Charley Paton 0207 940 7176
Natalie James 0207 940 6253