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21st July 2016
BIOFREEZE MARATHON TRAINING TIPS Training for a marathon requires an intensive and committed regime. Whilst training and running the 26. 2 miles, it is inevitable that muscles and joints will become fatigued and prone to cramps, so it’s important you look after your body throughout the whole training journey. Six months of training is recommended pre marathon and as we draw closer to the start line Martina Bencova MFHT, MSMA Soft Tissue Therapist for Biofreeze has given her top tips on how to self-massage at home pre and post marathon. WHY IS DIY MASSAGE IMPORTANT FOLLOWING A LONG DISTANCE RUN? Self-massage is an easy and cost effective way to prepare your body for a long and intensive run. Massaging troubled areas will help the muscles stay mobile post run and help start the muscle recovery process. Massage helps to release muscle tension and increase the range of motion preventing cramps and helping you to go the extra mile. ...

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