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9th March 2016
Arthritis effects almost every family in the European Union*, over 120 million people. World Arthritis Day takes place on Monday 12th October with the aim to show support and encouragement to those suffering with the disease. BioFreeze, the cold therapy pain reliever, offers a fast acting and cost effective pain solution to those suffering with the side effects of the joint related condition. Pain is one of the most common side effects of Arthritis, pain such as tenderness, stiffness, inflamed joints and restricted movement. Whilst the disease is incurable, there are methods to help ease the symptoms, such as physiotherapy. The most frequently used topical pain reliever by hands-on health care professionals (physiotherapists) is BioFreeze, due to its fast-acting, effective pain relieving properties. The combination of Menthol, Isopropyl, Alcohol and Ilex Paraguariensis creates a Cryotherapy, anti-in ammatory treatment that delivers pain relief to Arthritis su erers without the use of prescription drugs. Today, BioFreeze is providing relief to countless arthritis sufferers. ...

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