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Carole Franck frankly feminine. Carole, a cosmetic chemist, is the founder and director of the laboratory which bears her name. She is attentive to the requirements of modern women, effectively emphathising with their beauty needs and aspirations.

Cosmetic chemists, dermatologists and gerontologists participate in her research to offer women reliable products containing exclusively active ingredients

Additionally to complement the skin care range, the Carole Franck protective make-up is enriched with moisturising ingredients; a treatment make-up in keeping with her philosophy of caring for the skin.

Carole Franck: a combination of art and science to beautify women.

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Eva Frankel 0207 940 7179
Nathalie Mackinovski 0207 940 7177
Yael Mann 0207 940 7182
Lucinda Marshall 0207 940 7188
Liv Tompkinson 0207 940 7187
Charlotte Bishop 0207 940 7173

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