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Coca-Cola Lip Happiness Introduces Vintage Inspired Lip Balms Lip Splash

16th November 2011
Classic Coke uses the signature Coca Cola red for the packaging with a glamorous brunette sporting sultry red lips (think Dita Von Teese). This balm leaves your lips with a chocolate coloured sheen and smells and tastes just like the original! Cherry Coke comes in pretty pink packaging with a 40's classic beauty (think Doris Day). This Cherry Coke flavoured balm is berry coloured leaving your lips with the perfect pink, shiny tint. The last in the collection, Vanilla Coke flavoured balm, comes in a beige box with a vintage buxom red head (think Rita Hayworth). This balm will leave your lips with a glossy, glistening, sheen. All balms are infused with Vitamin A&E, deliver high shine, with a sparkling splash of colour and will leave your lips refreshed and revived. So make sure your lip balm makes a fashionable statement with the new Lip Splash range from Coca-Cola Lip Happiness. Lip balms have never been so glamorous. ...

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