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10th September 2012
Lotil (www. lotil. co. uk) can help heal the symptoms of atopic dermatitis such as eczema including: red, infl amed, dry, cracked and itchy skin. Lotil is a rich, easily absorbed cream, which also features antiseptic, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties to provide maximum moisture and protection. Tried and trusted for over 100 years, Lotil Cream successfully provides everyone with the most complete skin care and skin relief package available. Lotil Cream is accessibly priced for everyday use by all the family and is available in three handy sizes for handbag, offi ce and home. "A lady with red dermatitis on her hands had tried many different creams with no success. I recommended Lotil and a week later she returned to the pharmacy to thank me for the recommendation, her hands were completely healed. " (Pharmacist) *stats from cure-by-nature. com Lotil Cream (www. lotil. co. uk) is the cream for all dry skincare needs with a tried & trusted formula for over 100 years. ...

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