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Lotil A-Z of Uses

11th August 2011
Lotil is the most versatile, functional and effective health and beauty essential, catering to your every skin requirement from A-Z, in one easy tube. A Anti-bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Antiseptic B Blisters- Lotil helps sooth & treat C Cuts- takes out the sting and aids healing. Also great for cuticles D Discover the benefits of Lotil E Eczema- helps protect and heal F Fungal infections G Gardener’s hands H Healing- Lotil aids the healing process I Insect bites- it takes out the sting J July 1910- the date Lotil was developed. 100 years of tried and trusted protection K Knitting- great for keeping the fingers soft, supple and nimble L Love your skin by using Lotil M Money saving- prices start from 2. ...

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