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LOTIL - The No Nonsense Moisturiser for Men

11th March 2011
Even the toughest of men now appreciate the benefits of keeping their skin protected and moisturized – tough guy needn’t mean rough guy. Lotil Original is a no-nonsense, tried and tested product that protects by intensively moisturising the skin whilst its antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal properties make it an invaluable, multi-functional, all-round protective skin care product. Skin is also very responsive to all weather and working conditions. So whether you’re battling it out on the courts, swimming, running around the pitch or working out in the elements your skin is taking punishment and the evidence shows very quickly. Protecting your skin is essential – and Lotil is the no-brainer one-stop-shop for skin: - Healing shaving cuts and rashes - Intensively moisturising dry areas - Soothing and repairing sore, cracked skin - Protecting the skin during action sports - Shielding the skin from even the harshest weather - Healing paper cuts, blisters and splinter wounds...

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