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Introducing Moxie, a brand new range of gorgeous and girly feminine hygiene products from Australia. Think beauty mixed with fashion and you’ve got Moxie; a range of products that delivers classic femininity, style, convenience and excellent quality all in one. Moxie’s aim is to combat those issues that have annoyed women for ages – things like those cheap and flimsy packs that break open in your bag, causing tampons and towels to spill into (or out of!) your handbag.

Launching in Superdrug in October 2008, Moxie has arrived in the UK to bring a touch of fabulousness to that most often dreaded 'time of the month'. With a range of tampons, towels and panty liners, Moxie has a product to suit your needs, every day of the month. Complete with 100% recyclable or reusable tins and 1930’s-esque, candy-striped 'boudoir boxes' that are colour-coded by absorption, Moxie is the perfect necessity for every dressing table and handbag.

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For more information please contact:

Eva Frankel 0207 940 7179
Nathalie Mackinovski 0207 940 7177
Yael Mann 0207 940 7182
Lucinda Marshall 0207 940 7188
Liv Tompkinson 0207 940 7187
Charlotte Bishop 0207 940 7173

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