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Nutracheck Logo (created by NutraTech Ltd) is an innovative, fully featured, multi-award winning online food diary system for weight loss. It boasts the UK’s widest food nutrition database (with over 140,000 products) as well as the UK’s top grossing diet App for calorie counting, in Apple’s App Store. Nutracheck has been developed and perfected over several years and is based on the tried and trusted food diary approach to weight loss and weight maintenance.


Nutracheck is accessed via subscription based membership which gives full use of a unique and extensive set of digital weight loss ‘tools’ including: food database containing over 140,000 UK products; barcode scanning app, a comprehensive digital recipe section, eating guides and members forums. The system is also backed and supported by a team of top nutrition, fitness and medical advisors who are on hand to provide expert insight and guidance.


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