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NEW Sun-Believable BRONZE ME Instant Tan Express – Bronze - Extend

20th February 2012
BRONZE ME Instant Tan a luxurious, bronzing gel, available in two shades, Medium - for a sunkissed golden glow on lighter skins or to enhance the colour and radiance of a tanned skin. Dark - to provide a deeper, copper tan for darker skin tones or black skin. Rich in anti-oxidants, the BRONZE ME Instant Tan will help protect the skin against free radical damage. The perfect pick-me-up, BRONZE ME Instant Tan can be used on the face and body to provide an immediate tan "on the go" whilst also being ideal for extending the life or your tan or self-tan. Maximum colour depth is achieved after 3 applications - leave the gel to completely dry between applications. BRONZE ME Instant Tan washes off easily when showering, making it the ultimate express tan, that you can achieve when and where desired. ...

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