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11th July 2012
Crème Caramel - for a lighter, more natural look, try a pale caramel tan and pair with a luxury baroque wardrobe. With Sun-Believable SUN KISS ME Gradual Tan you can lightly layer for a natural tan. Gold Iridescent - for a natural looking golden glow, use Sun-Believable HIGHLIGHT ME Bronzing Shimmer. Shades of gold and copper will give radiance and definition to your legs, arms, shoulder, cheeks and décolleté. Complement your look with this season's heritage fashion trend. Hot Spice - for a hot look when it's cool outside, spice up your skin with a Sun-Believable TAN ME Self Tan Mousse in Dark for a rich and bronzed finish. Add a hint of monochrome with your wardrobe and you're onto a winner! According to Sun-Believable creator and beauty expert Leighton Denny, his key message this season is, "Keep skin moisturised. ...

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