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T3 Launches The Convertible Collection For Countless Hair Styles

21st July 2016
T3, the innovative and high performance hair tool brand, announces the UK launch of the popular Convertible Collection. These versatile products include the Whirl Trio, Whirl Convertible and Twirl Convertible as well as a set of interchangeable barrels, providing consumers with infinite styling possibilities.   Suitable for all hair types and lengths, the five barrels include a wide variety of sizes: • 38 mm Loose Waves Straight Barrel • 25 mm Undone Waves Straight Barrel • 32-19 mm Tousled Waves Tapered Barrel • 25 mm Defined Curls Clip Barrel • 32 mm Polished Curls Clip Barrel Simply click the barrels on and off to create any look from defined curls to glamour curls to beachy, natural looks and full bodied waves. The barrels are compatible with all three products and can be purchased individually providing the ability to build a custom collection based on individual styling desires. ...

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Nathalie Mackinovski 0207 940 7177
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