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Introducing The Cinderella Treatment From Ultratone

22nd April 2008
The busy girls’ ultimate last minute preparation! If the prospect of trying to slip into your dress for an appearance at the Royal Ball fills you with dread more than excitement and you’re worrying that your big entrance might be a little too big, then it’s time to call on the services of the Good Fairy Ultratone and allow the magic Bioenergy of Ultratone Futura Pro to save the day and get you the handsome Prince (or Dave from Accounts…!). Ultratone are the UK leaders in Bioenergy bodyshaping and in just one session of 60 minutes, their Instant Inchloss ′Cinderella Treatment’ can deliver rapid centimetre reduction. The rotating waveforms and signals evacuate extra fluid, compress fat and tighten muscles…. and quickly! Ultratone ′s Futura Pro system is based on the principle of Bioenergy - a synergy of all the natural beauty technologies combined, to provide maximum results in minimum time. ...

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For more information please contact Eva Frankel or Nathalie Mackinovski or Yael Mann or Lucinda Marshall or Liv Tompkinson or Charlotte Bishop at Brandnation:

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Yael Mann 0207 940 7182
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