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Wiley's Finest Launches Prenatal DHA Fish Oils Good For Mum and Baby

7th March 2016
Expectant mothers want the best for themselves and baby. With lots of different vitamins and advice on the market, it’s dif cult to know what’s effective. NEW to the UK, Wiley’s Finest Prenatal DHA provides suf cient essential omega-3 nutrition during pregnancy supporting lifelong health for mother and baby. Why do mum’s need Omega-3 before, during and after pregnancy? DHA omega-3 is an essential nutrient for mum and baby during and after pregnancy. The normal development of an infant’s brain, eyes, central nervous system and immune system is dependent upon the regular intake of DHA. Recent research has found that a low intake of DHA during pregnancy may be associated with lower IQ and poor social & communication skills at primary- school age. As well as looking after baby, DHA has been proven to support healthy moods in women before and after birth. ...

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