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Less Pain And More Glory With ASICS

30th July 2008
As the intensity of rugby performance continues to build, so too does the impact on the rugby player’s body. The stresses and pressures rugby places on the body can be alleviated by appropriate footwear, a maxim ASICS has lived by for more than 50 years. Now the manufacturer is extolling the benefits of injury prevention in rugby via correct footwear through a new marketing campaign, Less Pain More Glory. ASICS’ footwear range extends across a number of sporting disciplines; each shoe will feature striking aesthetics and innovations that enhance the wearer’s performance, but more importantly, the shoes are built to deal with specific motions and stresses unique to each sport. Less Pain More Glory demonstrates how the manufacturer perfectly combines these two key elements. For instance, ASICS’ rugby range, which is highlighted by the Lethal Tigreror Rugby, includes the fit and ball control features you’d expect from any leading football boot. ...

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