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20th March 2018
Once a muscle or joint is injured, well-managed movement and exercise is typically the key to rehabilitation. However, when pain limits a body’s ability to start the rehabilitation process it will take considerably longer to resume leading a normal lifestyle. Clinically proven, Biofreeze products help break the pain cycle, and as a topical pain reliever it delivers the therapeutic pain relieving benefits of cold therapy in an effective and convenient gel formula. Acting as the perfect gym and fitness training companion, Biofreeze relieves symptoms of muscle aches and spasms, soreness, sprains, strains, bumps, pulls and bruises by simply applying gel directly to the affected area. The easy application formula can before, during after completing your chosen activity and can be combined with a gentle massage to further relieve discomfort. ADVANTAGE OVER ICE Biofreeze is a cooling gel that has been clinically proven to be as effective as ice application in delivering rapid pain relief and reduction of inflammation. ...

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