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About IML Worldwide

IML is the global leader in harnessing audience insight. Its award winning services capture and make sense of

the rich content, discussion and interaction that is generated at meetings and events. Operating from 12 offices

around the world, IML engages annually with over half a million people at more than 2500 business conferences,

AGMs, charity auctions, training workshops and market research sessions - ranging in size from ten to ten

thousand participants. IML is owned by Computershare.





For further information contact:

Alina Wallace e: t: 0207 940 7185

Jodie Blake e: t: 0207 940 7186

Charlotte Alexander e: t: 0207 940 7187







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For more information please contact:

Alex Mills 0207 940 7183
Joe Murgatroyd 0207 940 6254
Harriet Osborne 0207 940 7275
Georgia Porter 0207 940 7178

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