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13th May 2013
*There are many reasons why exercising and physical activity are good for your health – not only does it keep your heart and body strong, it’s also good for your mental health. *   Physical activity and exercise release endorphins providing benefits for psychological wellbeing. Improved mood, relaxation, release from daily stress and reduced fatigue are only a few of the benefits achieved from an active lifestyle.   Boxing in particular allows people to release controlled anger or aggression – punching a bag or pads gets out the frustration! Martial arts and boxing are also one of the most social exercises due to the interaction between people during training. The combination of social exercise and fitness can help people suffering from depression and low self-esteem. Some of our Lonsdale Ambassadors have experienced this first-hand:   *Darren Barker – English Middleweight Boxer* “The mental benefits of boxing are just as important as the physical benefits. ...

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