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Lucy Wyndham Read PT and Nutritionist4

Fitness Lover’s Christmas

7th November 2012
Front Room Workout Choose 4 songs from your iPod so you get 20 minutes of workout time. Create your own routine choosing aerobic moves for the chorus and then toning moves for the verse. For example, jog on the spot to the chorus then for the verse do pile squats. This will help you burn off approximately 250 calories and help you get your moves ready for the dance floor.   Christmas Cards for Toning Make a pact with the girls in the office that for every Christmas Card you open you have to do the following workout: • Snowman Card: 20 Lunges • Santa Card: 20 Press Ups • Reindeer Card: 20 Ab Crunches • Christmas Tree Card: 20 Tricep Dips The more cards you receive, the more you will burn!   Tone Up whilst getting Dressed Up Add in this little fun routine while you are getting ready for your Christmas parties. ...

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