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Lucy Wyndham Read PT and Nutritionist2

Fitness Lover’s Guide to Christmas Nutrition

7th November 2012
Tip 1: As tempting as it is to have one or two of those chocolates given to the office, try and enjoy the taste of will power more! These brightly packaged sweets can contain up to 50 calories at a time and the sugar in them will make you feel tired and more likely to reach for more.   Tip 2: While out for Christmas drinks make sure you avoid those creamy liquors; instead opt for spritzers and always add ice to your drink. A sophisticated Bloody Mary is both healthy and virtuous, as it will supply one of your five a day.   Tip 3: Canapés may seem like tiny little treats that are sent from heaven but are often stuffed with salt and sugar and are high in fat. Try and choose the smoked salmon option over the creamy mushroom stuffed voluez vent.   Tip 4: If you can’t give up those roast potatoes in your Christmas dinner cut them big and chunky so they will absorb less oil whilst roasting. ...

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