USA Pro Launches Pro Team

22nd October 2012
*The USA Pro Team Features:* * * *Lucy Wyndham-Read* World-renowned Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with more than 17 years experience. Lucy’s passion is showing women that exercise and healthy living can be easy.   *AJ Knight* Established celebrity Fashion Stylist with a wealth of experience within the fashion industry. AJ is a fi tness fanatic herself and will be on hand to offer advice on gym kit and workout trends.   *Caroline Sandry* Fully qualified Pilates Expert with an established career within the fitness industry. She also has nine DVD’s under her belt and experience training many celebrities including actresses, models and pop stars. * * *Binky* Chelsea’s resident It ‘Fit’ Girl is embarking on a new fitness adventure with USA Pro. Hoping to improve her over all fitness levels she will be providing hints and tips along the way to keep everybody updated with her progress.   The USA Pro team provides a definitive health and fitness resource to all women regardless of their fitness levels. ...

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