USA PRO Sorts your Summer Body

8th June 2012
*Your Summer Body Sorted* Need to get in shape for your summer holiday but can’t afford an expensive gym membership? Look no further than women’s fitness brand USA Pro for your answer. The current equipment range offers a variety of product that targets each part of the body for a combined price of less than £20.   *Equipment: Skipping Rope* *Price: £1. 50* *Target Area: Full Body Cardio* This simple piece of equipment is all you need to complete the cardio part of your workout. A high intensity cardio session will burn hundreds of calories and is suitable for all fitness levels.   *Equipment: Exercise Ball* *Price: £5* *Target Area: Abs* An excellent way to work the abs the exercise ball offers a portable base that provides support for your hips and back when doing crunches. Its versatile shape allows for many stomach-strengthening exercises including plank and bridge. * * *Equipment: Hand Weights* *Price: From £2. 50* *Target Area: Arms* An ideal way to tone up your arm muscles. ...

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